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Good Luck   

Short Film

Tom grows up in a crowded orphanage,

often visiting his favorite lake.

As a young adult, he founds a music club with his friend Cem. His girlfriend Lilli is expecting a child.

As he pursues success in life and business,

he suddenly wins an exorbitant sum in the lottery. Tom reacts with joy, but also with worry:

he is afraid to lose the money, as most winners do, to careless spending. He does everything he can

to secure his wealth and even multiply it.

He takes extreme measures, and after many setbacks, he achieves lasting financial success. 

But what price has he had to pay? With whom should he share his wealth and his success?

Only when it is already too late does Tom

realize that he has distanced himself from his friends and family.


Directed by:
                        Franz Böhm

Written by:                   Rolf Heiler & Franz Böhm

DOP:                               Friedemann Leis

                              Nils Engelmann

Line Producer:                     Steffen Kienzle

Production Design:            Louisa Handt

Edited by:                             Kira König

Music composed by:         Anna Kühlein

Sounddesign & Mixing:    Aliona Goncharenko                                                             Lambert Regel

Lead Cast

Tom                                      Callum McGuire

Cem                                      Stuart Vincent

Lilli                                        Olivia Foan

Supporting Cast

Baby Tom                            Ben-Elias

Young Tom #1                    Jonas Graf

Young Tom #2                    Konstantin Krämer

Soccer-opponent              J.P. Yampey

Cem’s girlfriend                 Ina J. Fischer

Stunt-Double                     Lukas Rieger

Pub owner                          Robin Anderson

Lillis mother                       Brigitte Mächtle

Lillis father                         Klaus Ziller

Woman                               Ute von Stockert

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