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Dear Future Children

Qualified for the Academy Awards® 2022

Global protests are on the rise.

Historic demonstrations in Chile, school children striking all over the world.

Who are the young leaders and activists behind this seismic political shift?


Dear Future Children is a portrait of the new generation bringing attention to topics which have been under reported for too long.


The film explores the impact of their activism on their own lives, their personalities. The film shows the challenges of activism and explores the motivation of why they keep going nevertheless.

Director:                    Franz Böhm

DP:                           Friedemann Leis

                   Ansgar Wörner

                                Connor O’Hara

                                Jennie Scott

                                Jamie Gamache

Creative Producer:      Nico Gerspacher

                                Fabian Lieb

Editor:                       Daniela Schramm Moura

Color Grading:          Chris Bell


Locations:                   Hong Kong



                                 Santiago de Chile

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