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brann-blomster .22

Skate Fashion Film

A hybrid between an experimental movie and

a skate video, Brann/Blomster.22 is an

exploration of beauty and destruction.

Choosing two Norwegian words – brann ('fire') and blomster ('flowers') –, the film explores this juxtaposition, creating an odd and bizarre atmosphere while showcasing several skaters doing tricks across the city of Barcelona.

direction. Marc Gallifa
cinematography. Friedemann Leis
edition. Nil Gallifa
production. Ian Mihura
music. Ignasevic
cast. Oscar Collins, 666gang, Franziska Wernicke + Aziz Alwassi

Director                        MARC GALLIFA
DOP                               FRIEDEMANN LEIS
Producer                      IAN MIHURA
Editor                            NIL GALLIFA
Music                            INGNA SEVIC

Grading                         FRIEDEMANN LEIS


Oscar Collins,


Franziska Wernicke,

Aziz Alwassi,

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